LED display in the future market development prospects

At present, with the continuous increase of China’s LED display development industry, LED large screen in the streets of major cities gradually more and more, people’s consumption level is growing, LED lighting has been gradually used in the daily life of the family. LED electronic display not only enhances the image of the city, LED also enrich people’s cultural life. In this respect can reflect the rapid development of the LED industry.

LED display is the perfect combination of technology and media, it can put the dream, technology, trend, fashion concept to show.

1. The overall development of the industry has reached the scale level. The main products of our LED display industry not only occupy the absolute market in the domestic, but also occupy a certain share in the global market, forming a stable export.

Product quality and reliability have been significantly improved on the whole. Domestic LED display application enterprises have performed well in the construction of major projects and key projects, and their ability to compete in the international market and undertake and implement large-scale display system projects has been significantly improved.

2. The industry technology progress is obvious, scientific and technological innovation has played a positive role in leading and promoting the development of the industry.

The overall technical level of the LED display application industry has developed in tandem with the international development. In the past two years, innovative products have been coming out, technological innovation is active in the industry, and the product technology development ability has been strengthened. The ability to develop, support and guarantee technologies and mainstream products have matured.

3. The development of the LED upstream industry plays an obvious role in promoting the development of the display application industry.

LED industry chain between the upstream and downstream to achieve positive interaction, new products, new technology rapid application, based on LED chip materials, driver IC, control and other technology development, many enterprises in the industry in LED integrated application, semiconductor lighting, lighting engineering and other aspects of the formation of a certain technical basis and production engineering foundation. On the basis of the traditional LED large screen display technology and products. LED display products in the industry market share increased year by year.

4. The industrial development is standardized and intensive.

LED display industry Association has been actively promoting product technical exchanges and standardization for many years, through product technical standard, product technical testing and other means to effectively promote the standardized development of technical products in the industry. Standardization has driven the improvement of the level of industrialization, and the accumulation effect of industrial layout has been reflected, such as the concentration of more large-scale enterprises in Shenzhen area. In recent years, an important characteristic in the development process of LED application industry is medium-sized enterprises decreases, and the number of small-scale enterprises also increases. The industry as a whole from the past ”olive shape” to ”dumbbell shape” change.


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