The importance of LED screen

With the development of science and technology, LED large screen display with its unique advantages is widely used in entertainment, sports, finance and securities, transportation stations, agencies and companies and other places, becoming the most common display media for information dissemination, news release, advertising.

LED large screen display system is the fundamental carrier of various information transmission, which undertakes the mission of real-time information release of news, audio, culture and business. With dazzling display effect in the first time to the masses. LED display screen is now able to give full play to its superior video function and color reflection, together to beautify the environment, improve the role of environmental equipment. LED display screen can not only set information release, entertainment, publicity work used in a suit, and as a new high-tech goods, with its rich scientific and technological content, surging appearance momentum, circulation display picture, delicate color reflected, can add a new vitality for the environment, set up a landscape of activities. In general, the role of LED display screen can be summarized into three categories:

1. Release of video and text information

The system can use video, images, text and other ways to release news, information, policies and regulations, weather forecast, convenience information, public information, emergency notices, etc. The above content can be grouped, classified and broadcast in parts according to needs, and together can be inserted at any time to ensure the instant transmission of information.

2. TV and live broadcast

As a city image project construction, as a window unite of government operations, it can provide government operations and social news dynamics for the vast public. With the use of live broadcast module, the system can retransmit TV news and lives videos on designated or all terminals at any time.

3. Advertising release

Use LED display screen system to broadcast advertisements in image, video, text and other advertising shape. It can broadcast public service advertisements and social media advertisements. Through the broadcast of social media advertisements, it can provide economic guarantees and benefits for the investor’s network investment and line cost. In the process of advertising release, different picture planning will be carried out according to the specific situation and needs. A variety of planning modules are built into the system, which can support the planning of up to eight picture segmentation and show different content in different areas. With the development of economy and society, we have stepped into the information age. Fast, accurate and efficient information transmission has become a necessary and sufficient condition for efficient operations. Choose to reduce the investment cost, improve the working efficiency. LED display screen has the characteristics of fulfilling the above requirements. The display screen is placed in the place where people gather, which has the advantages of wide contact area and direct public media incomparable control technology advantages.


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