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XingLu produces a variety of led display screens. We are dedicated to the design and manufacture of the most suitable LED display for advertising media, entertainment culture, sports, transportation and other commercial areas. In addition, we have rich experience in ODM and OEM. We have completed many custom projects in countries around the world.

XingLu became a trendsetter in the LED industry by offering quality, custom and durable products to customers worldwide to meet the evolving market needs. As a China-based LED manufacturer, we strive to offer creative solutions, reliable products, and dependable service for our industry-leading LED display technologies.


Innovation is part of our DNA

XingLu has developed a full line of install and rental/staging products. In addition to our current line of products, we offer a solution-based approach often designing new products based on client need.

Our products have won numerous awards and have excelled in a variety of challenging environments. Through carefully crafted designs, XingLu has stayed on the cusp of innovation, serving many industries and being recognized by customers.

More audience

From indoor to outdoor, our customers believe that Xinglu’s led screens can attract wider audience. If you want to inspire the audience you care about with great ideas and creations, you need a high-quality led display that will bring your Idea to life. The LED screen industry is a great choice worthy of our lifelong devotion and energy.

more audience


Create more products suitable for more applications by our innovative technology to meet the demand for more industries in the new world.


Show the wonderful world through our products.

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